Thursday, March 8, 2012

Land Rover World Record 4 March 2012

An organized event, Landy Festival, saw the coming together of Land Rovers in all shapes and sizes, and their owners, in an attempt to break the current World Record.   At the moment it is held by the UK for 348 Land Rovers all in one space which was achieved in April 2011.  A World Record is held by Holgate Kingsley and a group of 347 Land Rovers which took place in the Cape for the longest 'humanitarian convoy'.

Judging by the response getting into the Guinness Book of Records will definitely happen.  The following batch of pictures, taken on the day, try to depict the mood, spirit and pride of what it is like to be a Land Rover owner!

Update:  1001(one thousand and one) Land Rovers took part in the convoy.  It took a total of two hours for the participants to pass any given point.

Going home.  Taken near Gilloolys Interchange, Bedfordview.
Derrick and Merle Louw are the owners of a Land Rover Defender 90.
Canon 1D Mk3.  Canon 135mm f2 L.    
Canon 5D Mk2. Canon 17-40mm L, 28-80mm L, 100-400mm L.