Sunday, April 5, 2015

'Gemstones' of the RED Kalahari

The large banded stones were found in the area shortly before Groblaarshoop in the Northern Cape.  After consulting the internet, the closest we could find was that it is a high-grade hematite deposit and can be traced from Pomfret in the north to Prieska in the south, a distance of 400km.

The smaller stones embedded in the rich burnt sands of the red Kalahari were found between these two points, a ways before Groblaarshoop.

iPhone 4s.

Witsand - the sky at night

The Southern Cross and the two pointers are clearly visible at the bottom of the frame above the two silhouetted trees.

Canon 5D Mk 11.  17-40mm L.  10 second time exposure.

'Witsand' of the Kalahari

Witsand Nature Reserve is a 2 500 hectare island of brilliant white sands surrounded by a sea of regular red and burnt-orange Kalahari sand.  The accommodation comprises of self-catering three bedroomed stone bungalows which are fully air-conditioned should you need this luxury in the heat of the day, +- 40 degrees centigrade!  The little waterhole is visited by a mix of little creatures, including small buck, that have become brave enough to take a drink while you are sitting on the patio.

This is a great place to visit if you want peace and solitude, take walks among the dunes and bicycle rides along the red dirt roads while breathing in the clean fresh air, watch the sun go down and light a fire for the evening meal!

Canon 5D Mk 11.  Canon 100-400mm L