Monday, June 27, 2011

Air Show at the Rand Airport, Germiston.

When we arrived at the Air Show the Microlights were giving their own little version of 'stunts'!
Gathering on the runway below were five Harvards and five (sometimes six) stunt planes painted with the South African flag on the topside, the eagle's face on the side and the eagle's wings and tail on the underside.
Getting ready to make 'an entrance' in the photograph above, the pilot of this little plane was fearless once in the sky and entertaining the crowds.
And then out of nowhere the 'eagles', together with the Harvards, appeared - they turned out to be my favourites.
To start with, there were six planes but the stunts were actually performed by only five.  While everybody was looking skyward, one landed and then later on a second one landed as well leaving only four.
Instead of finishing at about 3pm they carried on till near sunset and then landed. Taxiing past a loudly cheering, very appreciative crowd, they in return waved acknowledging a job well done.
Parking in a row in front of the hangars, they did their paperwork and were joined by friends and family who congratulated them on their stunning performance.  At this time other planes parked alongside the runway, started up and began to leave.
These two Dakota's came lumbering down the runway but the pilot in the second plane decided he was in a hurry and had to pass, much to the crowd's amusement!  The Air Show was now over and those planes that had been on show started up and prepared to go home 'to roost' once more.
Once up in the crimson sky he made a last fly past and headed off into the distance.  The crowd who had enjoyed a wonderful relaxing day had 'last round's' and began to pack up.  We walked through the clubhouse and had some delicious pancakes sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar before the girls switched off their stoves and then headed out to find our car.
We past by their outdoor museum where huge giants now lay silent, the most famous of them, 'Lobombo', the 747 that did a low fly-over Ellis Park in 1995 during the World Cup Rugby with "Good Luck" written on the underside wishing the Springboks success - of course they won!  South Africa was the first country to host the third RWC as a 'single country'.  Nelson Mandela, wearing a yellow and green Springbok jersey, came onto the field and personally congratulated the captain, Francois Pienaar and his team.
Merle.  Canon 5D Mk11.  100-400mm L.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Only in Winter

Merle.  Canon 5D Mk11.  Macro 100mm.