Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Perfect Place to Be!

A perfect African sunset in the Magaliesburg hills, a warm gentle breeze playing in the long dry grass with a soft rustle every now and then.  Later a silent 'apricot' moon came up and sailed across the evening sky!
Merle.  5D Canon Mk2.  100-400mm L

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

She's Mine!

Near the shore line, sitting in thick, shallow pea-green soupy water we found these two male ducks arguing over Miss Duck watching noisily from a safe-ish distance away.

Both hoped that much jumping and loud 'shouting' would help Miss Duck make up her mind and choose the 'right' one!

... and when that didn't seem to help, there had to be the 'drowning'!

Then... annoyed with the whole performance, off she flew - Damn, where did she go?
Merle.  5D Canon Mk2.  100-400mm L


Merle.  5D Canon Mk2. 100-400mm L


Merle.  5D Canon Mk2.  100-400mm L

The View

In the distance you can see Rhenosterspruit Mountain with it's flat top! and slightly to the left, the Crocodile River quietly wondering through the valley on it's way to Hartebeespoort Dam.
Merle.  Nokia Cellphone N95 8GB.

On a Clear Day I Can See Forever

Merle.  5D Canon Mk2.  100-400mm L

Friday, September 17, 2010

A little Monkey in Africa

Derrick, Canon EOS-1D, 300mm f4L
These were taken in my garden yesterday during the magical twilight hour!
Merle. 5D Canon Mk2 100mm Macro.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horse Thief!

Yes this is the same horse as the one below casually grazing along the banks of the Dam!  When I started taking pictures of him, looking through my lens I suddenly realised that he was coming straight for me.  I held out the front of my fist for him as I could see that he thought I might have some sugar.  After doing this about three times he through his ears back and then immediately went for my watch, klank!
Merle. 5D Canon Mk 2 100-400mm L

Saturday, September 11, 2010

End of a Perfect Day

Derrick, Canon EOS-1D, 300mm f4L

Endangered Species

Stumbling upon these sleeping giants was quite a memorable experience. Once unstoppable as they thundered through the vast Karoo by day and night, they are now quietly rusting away. Amazing to see the 1912 date stamped on one of the steam locomotives wheels (click on middle pic) and the remains of a second class coach which was so familiar to many in the 1960's and 70's. 
Derrick, Canon EOS-1D, 85mm f1.8

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Johannesburg in Spring!

"Namaqaland Daisy" Sunningdale Road, Greenside.

"Ornamental Quince"  Morsim Road, Hyde Park.

"Banksia Rose"  (creeper)  Coronation Road, Sandhurst.  Clusters of little roses covering fences and forming hedges, also in white and with a hint of delicate perfume.

"Ornamental Apple"  6th Road, Hyde Park.  Millions of single tiny very pale pink flowers with red buds, stunning!
"Ornamental Peach"  Outspan Road, Morningside.
"Bougainvillea"  8th Avenue, Parktown North.  Incredibly vibrant colours from burgandy/purples/reds/oranges/corals/yellows/pinks and even white!

"Namaqaland Daisies" - again!  Cambridge Ave, Craighall Park.

"Petria" (creeper)  Benmore Road, Morningside.   Indigo blue/purple (difficult to reproduce this 'blue'!) and white but rare and less prolific, much loved by the Bumble Bee!

"Tamerisk" (shrub)  Hume Road, Dunkeld West.  Feathery soft 'branches' that wave easily in the wind covered with zillions of tiny, tiny soft pale pink flowers!

"Oak"  Outspan Road, Sunset Acres.  Fresh apple-green leaves!
"Ornamental/Flowering Peach"  Cleveland Road, Sandhurst.  Only in pale pink, white and cerise pink.  No real perfume as far as I can tell!

"Namaqaland Daisies"  Richmond Ave, Craighall Park.  Vibrant orange and yellow daisies grow in 'carpets' in Namaqaland amongst a mix of other colourful wild flowers that stretches for miles.

"Pin Oak" in 'flower'!  Outspan Road, Morningside, Sandton.

"Jasmin" (creeper) Sutherland Ave, Dunkeld West.  Cascading over fences, shrubs and walls, a wonderful gentle perfume stronger during the day but softer in the cool evening breeze.

"Wisteria" (creeper).  Somerset Lane, Dunkeld West.  Bunches of mauve sweetpea-like flowers covering boring brick and cement walls, climbing into trees adding colour to otherwise leaf-less branches.
Merle. 5D Canon Mk2 100-400mm L.  All photographs have been shot using this lens.