Saturday, July 2, 2011

One year later - The 2010 Soccer World Cup

On the 11 June, we took a drive past the now famous Soccer City which hosted the first game of the World Cup in 2010.  Although we only qualified because we were the host nation, we scored the first goal in our game against Mexico to kick off the event.
Although the game ended in a draw we still went on to beat one of the favourites, France 2-1, which really raised the spirits of the home crowd.
Instead of the sounds of vuvuzellas and the many cheering fans, it was.... silent.  In the quietness of the late afternoon, if you closed your eyes and let your imagination take you back to that day a year ago, you could just maybe make out 'those sounds' floating on the evening breeze....
Merle. Canon 5D Mk11.  28-80mm L