Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Ornamental/Flowering Peach"  Cleveland Road, Sandhurst.  Only in pale pink, white and cerise pink.  No real perfume as far as I can tell!

"Namaqaland Daisies"  Richmond Ave, Craighall Park.  Vibrant orange and yellow daisies grow in 'carpets' in Namaqaland amongst a mix of other colourful wild flowers that stretches for miles.

"Pin Oak" in 'flower'!  Outspan Road, Morningside, Sandton.

"Jasmin" (creeper) Sutherland Ave, Dunkeld West.  Cascading over fences, shrubs and walls, a wonderful gentle perfume stronger during the day but softer in the cool evening breeze.

"Wisteria" (creeper).  Somerset Lane, Dunkeld West.  Bunches of mauve sweetpea-like flowers covering boring brick and cement walls, climbing into trees adding colour to otherwise leaf-less branches.
Merle. 5D Canon Mk2 100-400mm L.  All photographs have been shot using this lens.