Monday, August 30, 2010

The Story of the The Nest Builder

Saturday lunch time was a busy time for Mr Weaver, he had a nest to build! After watching him for a while it soon became clear that he hadn't a clue on how to build his 'house'!

No matter what he did, nothing seemed to help, no fresh materials made a difference no matter how many times he went back and forth slowly stripping the neighbour's palm tree - what a stressful mess!

By Sunday and a second start, he had almost completed the new house nervously hoping Mrs Weaver would approve.  He flitted back and forth pushing in/neatening up wayward palm-leaf strips, all the while Mrs Weaver sat on the branches nearby gently rocking in the afternoon breeze, surveying his progress.

... and then there was the little matter of Mira the cat - just wish she would go to sleep like cats do, she just won't go inside and leave me alone, oh dear!

'Oh please, please go in', he said! 'oh boy', she said, 'this place is such a dump!'  After chasing her round the tree a couple of times he eventually managed to get her to at least take a look at his handiwork -  a bit skeptical to begin with but it would do.

Eventually she agreed to inspect her new home, he took off to leave her in peace and avoid any confrontation should there be one.  He had lined it with only the freshest of young tiny leaves and had even plucked little yellow feathers from his own chest!

She might look dowdy and brown but was capable of wielding enormous pressure for the nest to be perfect therefore 'this leaf must go' - off she flew not knowing where she would drop it.

Nervous but relieved - At last! At last! now I can rest! he thought.  She looks happy ie. she hasn't ripped it to pieces (yet!) and flown off irritated and annoyed!
Then off he flew through the trees singing as he went overjoyed that he didn't have to start all over again!!

Merle. 5D Canon Mk2. 100-400mm L