Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Johannesburg - what happened?

Many of us Johannesburgers grew up going into the city.  When we looked for jobs it was in downtown Joburg - everything was there.  I myself went to college and worked in the city.  What happened?  Some of the grand old buildings are slowly being restored but one wonders if they haven't left it all a bit too late as they are now crumbling. The old clock was dismantled and the parts sold by the local inhabitants but the building has a new shiny corrugated roof!  There are open sections that go from one street through to another where buildings too unsafe have been demolished - so sad.  Big business slowly moved to Sandton as the inner city became too unsafe and others moved in and squatted and the rest is present history.
Canon 5D Mk11.  Canon 28-80mm L.  Canon 100-400mm L.