Sunday, September 18, 2011

~ Wide Open Spaces ~

Merle.  Canon 5D Mk2.  Canon lenses 17-40mm L, 28-80mm L, 100-400mm L.
Early in August we visited the area between Harrismith and Memel and found snow still left over from the previous week behind the old stone farm house where we stayed.  At night the temperatures dropped below zero and the word 'cold' took on a whole new meaning!  During the day it was wonderfully sunny, but fresh, and we took the opportunity to explore the area.  
Behind the 'blue mountains with the cows in front' we found the stunning blue lake (in the middle of the postings) which is in a private nature/game reserve. Luckily the security guard let us in 'just to look around' otherwise we would never have known it was there!  
Regardless of the amount of water that lies around, there is not one blade of green grass - in Summer when the rains return the rusty-gold landscape is transformed into lush velvet carpets of bright green.