Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunday drive to Parys, Free State SA

We left Johannesburg under sombre grey skies which eventually broke over our heads with spray blinding us every time a car, or even worse, a truck passed us!  As we neared the town the sun began to break through the clouds (it was still raining when i took this picture) chasing them away to give us a wonderful sunny afternoon.
It was about lunchtime when we drove into town and came across this stunning little restaurant called Hoi Polloi!  It is situated in the roof of a building on the Main road which runs through town.  Whilst eating your lunch on the balcony you could watch everything driving by from bicycles to petrol tankers/sheep trucks - quite amusing!
After lunch we drove out of town and took a right turn and came upon the most amazing patch of Cosmos flowers next to the road opposite to where Derrick has parked the Discovery.  These flowers usually bloom in Spring and Summer but I have never seen so many at this time of the year.
Before long our tar road disappeared and suddenly we were on dirt and going through farms, we rounded a corner and startled this flock of Guinea Fowl which took off as best they could being a bird that is a bit too heavy to fly at a moment's notice!  This road eventually took us back to where we had started but it was great to see a different part of this area.
The end to a really great relaxing day!